Best Tips For Getting All Your Presents Wrapped Up

Present wrapping and labeling is one the most menial and also headache inducing chores of the year (and especially if you have a pet to make it even more tiresome after playing with labels). It is also one the things that need to be done by yourself or someone you trust so that the toy gun you bought for your nephew doesn’t go to the granny.

Go for the small and elegant for adult presents

For things like presents for adults or corporate gifts, it is not the shiny wrapper or the eye catching patterns that make the mark. Generally these presents will have to be wrapped in an elegant and simple manner. Going for a simple wrapping paper with a mild color and maybe a small pattern is a good idea. But when you are choosing the ribbon, make sure to get one that stands out. Go for bright colors and atrocious patterns for the ribbon as it needs to be the only eye catching details (apart from the size of the box) of the present.

Use your graphical skills to make a custom wrapper

If you have good skills with Photoshop or other graphic software, then you can even make your own custom wrapper. For family members you can put a special message or their name all over the wrapper; and then you can even skip out the whole labeling part for the present as well.

Ask your IT crew at the office to put together a wrapper or a special label for the valuable business gifts as it can make the receiver be especially susceptible to admiration and surprise.

Use some of the more natural effects for putting a bit of an accent

Old corals and seashells that you had collected during our childhood that you do not know what to do with can help you out on this. You can even use things like pressed flowers and leaves to make an impression on the receiver of the present and to make them feel grateful and special for the trouble you went through. Use simple colored ribbons and wrapping paper if you plan on using special objects to decorate the present.

When you do not have a lot of special things to make the present look nicer, try going for old newspapers/ comics/maps and such as the wrapper and use embellished/ fancy ponytail holders and hair bands as the ribbon or to secure the gift. Go for plain colored paper with fancy ribbons of unusual texture and color to make the wrapping look professionally done.